Treasure HuntEdit

l  What’s “Treasure Hunt”?

The adventures will play as treasure hunters and looking for ancient treasure in a fantasy jungle. The players will meet other treasure hunters and combat between each other. Players will struggle to beat all the competitors in order to obtain more rare treasures.

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Generally speaking, the Treasure Hunt is a PVP time limited event. It divides 8 players into 4 one- on-one battle teams and the winner will do the same thing again until the last one win all three battles.

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The “Treasure Hunt” only opens twice (14:00-14:30, 22:00-22:45) on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. You can find it in the “Limited Time” events or find the NPC “Bounty Hunter” to join the event directly.

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Talk with the NPC directly and tap match to find the other 7 players. There is a matching principle to protect the beginners from high level players.

l  How to go farther in this event?


Once you have gotten in the arena, you have to quickly lock your opponent. Only the winner can get into the next map with recovering half of Hp. It needs to be mentioned that there are so many traps in the map and players should try their best to beat your opponents as soon as possible.

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Even if you were beaten on the half way of being a championship, you can also get generous rewards from the system. Don’t be so anxious to quit the game too soon.

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