How To EnterEdit


Tarot is available at level 47, you can find it by tapping “Strengthen” - “Tarot”. It's a brand new permanent strengthen system.



1. You can find, equip and upgrade Star-Cards to strengthen your power in here.

2. There are 6 qualities of “Star-Cards”: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Red (White only provides upgrade EXP, can't be equipped). Higher the quality, higher the attribute it possesses. You CANNOT improve a Card's quality.

3. There are 21 types of “Star-Cards”: The Fool, Strength, Magician, etc. Each one has its own specific attribute type: HP, Physical Attack, Magical Attack, etc. You CANNOT change a Card's type.

4. You CAN only equip 8 Cards at the same time, you CANNOT equip multiple Cards with the same attribute type.


5. You can find Star-Cards by using "Tarot", "Quick Tarot", "Advanced Tarot" and "Advanced Tarot x10".


6. Select a Card in your Star-Cards Bag, tap "Equip" to put it on. You CAN only equip 8 Cards at the same time. You CANNOT equip multiple Cards with the same attribute type. You CANNOT equip a White Card, it only provides upgrade EXP.


7. Select an equipped Card, tap "Upgrade" to increase its level (You CAN only upgrade a Card's level, not its quality). Higher the level, higher the attribute it possesses.


8. Add the unwanted (unequipped) Card(s) as upgrade material.


9. Use the "Bulk Add" to simplify the workload, if you prefer.


10. Tap "Devour", then your Card's level will be upgraded immediately. Upgrading a Card's level will never change its type.