The Story Edit

A world of chaos, wonder, and excitement. Edit

Sword of Chaos is a MMORPG set in a fantasy world, which is ruled by the god 'Tauris Mirage'. Tauris is a playful character who easily gets bored, and has set the character 'Queen Humbaba' to cause mischief within the realms. This mischief has quickly led to an unexpected, and unpredictable, war between the various realms and their inhabitants.

Asuna, the Justice Goddess, has formed the order of the "Blood Knights", which is sworn to defend and protect the world from evil forces and reinstate the balance caused by this terrible war. Players will join the Blood Knights to help protect the kingdom.

Game Play Edit

The main story line is split into 8 chapters, each with 8 levels, including a final Boss Level. Alongside the main story line, the 8 chapters repeat in a 'heroic' mode. Finally, each chapter, from Chapter 2 onward, includes its own 'Trial' stage at the end. Each of chapters is set within a different realm, with increasingly dangerous enemies and bosses. As with all adventure games, the story line evolves with various Side Quests, based within the realms and the various locations on the main map - opening up the world before your very eyes.

In addition to these chapters, there are various other challenges for players to undertake including 20 vs 20 PvP Matches, 1-on-1 PvP Matches, Guild Events, and much, much more.

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