His attack isn’t very high, but he makes up for it with his explosiveness. The class with the longest range attack, he is also pretty useful at close-range. He's fairly agile as well, although his biggest weakness is his lack of control skills.


Main Damage Attributes: Fire, Holy and Thunder.

Class Stats:

Attack Defence Dexterity Area Damage Control Skills Control Difficulty
2 2 3 3 1 4


Zachary was born in the Technological World, where his people suffered attack after attack from the Legions of Darkness. Seeing the people lose hope and give into despair, the queen decided to train the next generation of fighters to see off their mortal enemy, once and for all. Young children were drafted to undergo rigorous military training, and after eight grueling years in the Academy, Zachary graduated top of his class. He was selected to lead the Youth Corps into battle, where he and his men harassed and harangued the Legions of Darkness for three long years. They recaptured several large cities, which had been occupied for decades; on one occasion, having picked off a top general from an unbelievable distance to bring a siege to an end, he was given the name “Sharpshooter”.


Raging Storm (None) - [Holy, 21 MP, 5s CD] Low mana cost, but also low damage output. Useful to prevent enemy monsters from attacking whilst more powerful moves charge up.

Raging Storm (Space) - [Holy, 25 MP, 8s CD] Similar to default 'Raging Storm', with slightly increased damage and more importantly a slowness effect over a circular area. The slowness effect works well with both 'Dimensional Strike' and 'Doom Beam' as they require some time to charge upon activating.

Raging Storm (Fallen) - [Fire, 30 MP, 9s CD] Shoots a small bomb that slows enemies followed by a three pronged attack from missiles descending from the air. The missiles do collateral damage if grouped and can stun enemies, perfect for follow ups. Try to corner an enemy or bring a group near an edge for surprise attacks.

Bullet Storm (None) - [Fire, 27 MP, 8s CD] Relatively high damage, considering its mana cost and cool down time. The second part of the move includes a jump, this can be used to avoid enemy moves - for example, 'Doom Beam'. The jump can also be manipulated to flee from crowds of enemy monsters.

Bullet Storm (Protection) - [Fire, 32 MP, 8s CD] Even higher damage output from an added third stage of the move. However, the promised invulnerability in the description doesn't come to effect (Otherwise, lasts for a split second). You're unable to move during the third stage, so you're open to enemy monster attacks. Use appropriately (At times, stop the move after the first two stages), otherwise you'll end up taking more damage than you've dealt.

Shadow Shot (None) - [Darkness, 31 MP, 8s CD] Effective within crowds of enemy monsters, not so much in 1 on 1 PVP. It requires the opponent to be at close proximity and can easily be dodged.

Shadow Shot (Dark Attack) - [Darkness, 42 MP, 9s CD] Creates a field of darkness that stuns a nearby enemy. The ONLY drawback is the range, which makes it less useful on 1v1 battles.

Doom Beam (None) - [Thunder, 39 MP, 10s CD] Despite it being costly for mana and having a lengthy cool down, the damage it deals is worth it. It has a long range and can hit multiple enemies in the line of sight. Useful for sniping opponents.

Doom Beam (Drift) - [Thunder, 45 MP, 10s CD] The damage is considerably increased with this insignia. The added primary shots are also decent as a damage source. It can stop enemy monsters from attacking whilst your 'Doom Beam' charges. This version is difficult to dodge, requiring careful timing before the actual beam fires. Only drawback is in PVP, the primary shots gives your position away making it easier to dodge.

Bursting Barrage (None) - [Fire, 38 MP, 9s CD] First attack comes in front of the direction you're facing. The second attack follows a short range barrage. The third and final sequence is an auto fire attack that fans in a triangle fashion, allowing you to aim your shots. The attack can leave an enemy stunned in place. Perfect for groups of enemies. You're left vulnerable standing as you fire.

Bursting Barrage (Magnetic) - [Fire, 42 MP, 9s CD] The first and third attacks are identical, but the second attack differs. Three bombs are hurled, causing an enemy to be stunned upon getting close to them.

Dimensional Strike (None) - [Darkness and Thunder, 53 MP, 15s CD] A decent attack to use. It requires careful planning of distance since the first attack can slow opponents down. The second attack is a follow-up, with considerable range and width, making this skill useful for defensive purposes. The skill can be used offensive, but at the cost of mobility. The skill time for the first attack is approximately 3.5 seconds.

Dimensional Strike (Ability) - [Darkness and Holy, 53 MP, 14s CD] The first attack is the same, but the second one differs. The laser cannon attacks in front of where you facing, dealing considerable damage. The only disadvantage is the lack of range and smaller width from the original second attack, requiring careful aim.