All Her Majesty's loyal warriors were gathered to challenge each other individually at the royal courtyard. Who will be the Champion?

For the glory of the Queen!

How to participate in Royal Arena?

When players reach level 12, Royal Arena is available.

Players can fight in here 5 times per day. VIP privileges and some items could give some extra times.

Tap the "Event" icon under the avatar.

IMG 0620

Find the “Royal Arena” entrance under the “All day” tag, tap it to enter the interface.

The interface shows detailed information: Hero Ranking, current ranking, challenge history, etc.

Select one of the 5 available opponents; tap “Challenge” to engage.

IMG 0621

How to finish a battle?

IMG 0622

During battle, there is no Mp limit. There is only rule here, kill or be killed. Defeating your opponent before the countdown clock hits zero to switch rank with your opponent, otherwise your rank will remain the same.

How to win your rewards?

Whenever you finish a battle, you will get a reward accordingly.

IMG 0623

Every three days, your rank will be calculated. Depending on your performance, you will be rewarded with a great deal amount of Honours and Star Souls.

The higher your rank, the more rewards you can get.

IMG 0624

At the left bottom of the interface you can check and claim your reward.