How To AccessEdit



When you reach Lv.45, tap “Pets” button at the lower right corner of the main screen to enter the Pet Interface.

How To Activate Your PetEdit



Tap on "Join" button to enable your Pets and they will follow you whatever you go, plus they can’t be damaged in battle!

Pet AttributeEdit


Attribute: Pets can have 4 Attributes in total after you upgrade them to 6 Stars. Each Attribute will increase when you level your pet up with Holy Stones, Gear Upgrade Dust, Purification Stones and Perfect Enhancement Stones.

Refresh: You can use Jewels/Diamonds (500 per once, priority of using Jewels) to refresh the Attributes until you get a satisfying result.

Lock: You can also use the "Lock" function during the refreshing process to retain the Attributes you like, and the costs will increase accordingly.

Level & StarEdit


Level: Pets can be leveled up by using Resources and Gold. The higher the Pet Level, the higher the Pet Attributes. Holy Stones, Gear Upgrade Dust, and Purification Stones cost 10,000 gold per upgrade, while Perfect Enhancement Stones cost 20,000 gold.


Star: Pets can be upgraded to gain more Stars by using Pet Soul. The higher the Pet Star, the more Skills and Attributes your Pet can have. Pet Soul can be gained from Pet Store or Special Events.

Pet SkillEdit



Skill: Pets can have three types of skills:

  • P (Passive Skill, default)
  • H (Halo Skill, PvE only, available when 3 Stars)
  • A (Active Skill, PvP only, available when 5 Stars) . 

Type: You must have 3 types of skills respectively. You cannot have more than one skill with same type.

Change: You can change your pet's current skills by using Diamonds (free for once per day) .


Storage: At most 3 backup skills in each type can be stored. If you don't want your current skills to be overwritten when you changing skills, please replace them into "Spare Skills" first.


Skill Book: Other than changing skills, you can also learn skills by using Pet Skill Book. Pet Skill Book can be gained from Pet Store or Special Events.

Pet LookEdit


Look: There are 5 awesome looks for you to choose from; the loyal dog ‘Huskie’, your feline friend ‘Egypticat’, the cow from hell ‘Bovinator’, the coolest pig in town ‘Pigster’ and the cute companion ‘Candy Witch’!

Collection: The more looks you unlock, the higher attribute bonuses you will gain.



Pet Look Fragment: When you collect enough fragments, you can unlock the corresponding look. Pet Look Fragment can be gained from Pet Store or Special Events.

Pet StoreEdit


Pet Store: You can purchase all kinds of Pet related Items in Pet Store. Such as Pet Soul, Pet Skill Book and Pet Look Fragment. Pet Soul's Pet Look Fragments cost 100 Diamonds and some skills cost either 500 Diamonds or 50,000 Gold. The Pet Store will stock 2 Passive skills, one Halo skill and one Active skill.


Name Change: You can change your current "In Use" Pet's name by using Pet Name Card. Pet Name Card's are available in the Pet Store for 5,000 Diamonds.