Orange GearEdit

Orange Gear is powerful gear that can be forged using Blueprints. Unlike Red Gear, there are a large number of ways to obtain Orange Gear. Also unlike Red Gear, Orange Gear is available very early in the game for players who have decided to go VIP.

Orange gear always comes as a scroll, with the exception of the VIP Awards, and must be forged. VIP Awards are fully forged pieces of gear for immediate equipping.

Obtaining Orange Gear Edit

There are various ways of obtaining Orange Gear. The sections below highlight these.

Using VIP to obtain Orange Gear Edit

The easiest way to obtain Orange Gear is via VIP. Sword of Chaos rewards all players who spend real money by recharging Blue Diamonds with a VIP Reward Set. This is a great bonus for any new players, but is useless once the player gets beyond level 30.

The bonus includes:

  • Orange Weapons from Level 1 to Level 30
  • Orange Clothes (all 5) from Level 1 to Level 30

The only item not included is the ring item, which may be obtained elsewhere.

This gift pack can prove invaluable for any player who is starting the game as Level 30 gear when fully upgraded can be rather powerful. For gear beyond Level 30, see the below section for obtaining Orange Gear without VIP.

Obtaining Orange Gear without VIP Edit

You don't need to have VIP to obtain Orange Gear, but you will have to wait until your level is a little higher. Orange Gear is not as powerful as Red Gear, and Red Gear should be your gear of choice between the two. However, there are certain pieces of Gear you will want to focus on, and these are generally the Weapon and the Ring.

Free Orange Gear always comes as a scroll which must be forged. The higher the level of the Gear the more materials it will take to forge. It is always worth remembering that and focusing on one gear at a time. Some find that having Level 40 Orange Gear means that they will skip Level 50 and move onto Level 60 when the time comes.

Orange Gear can be obtained in a number of ways. These are:

  • As free scrolls dropped by enemies in higher level Trails.
  • As scrolls for purchase through the Honor Store. Level 20 Orange Gear to Level 60 Orange Gear is available in the Honor Store for purchase using Honor Points.
  • As scrolls for purchase in the Tauis Realm. Level 60 Orange Gear is available in the Tauris Realm Store for purchase using Realm Fragments.
  • As scrolls purchasable from the Auctioneer. These are scrolls for sale from real players and require Blue Diamonds to purchase.

Rare Orange Gear Edit

The rarest Orange Gears are arguably the Weapon Gears. With the exception of the Level 1 - 30 VIP Orange Weapons, all other Orange Weapons are only available from random drops during Trails. These random drops can be affected by the members of the team carrying out the trial, with some people thinking that Orange Scrolls are only dropped when a team of 4 carry out the trail.

Due to the nature of these scrolls being so rare, they often command high prices on the Auctioneers Market. However, some guilds are known to sell scrolls to guildmates cheaper if they are long-time members.

Forging Orange Gear Edit

In order to use Orange Gear is must first be forged. Each scroll will need different items to forge them, including items like Mercury Powder and Gems. The higher the level of the gear, the more materials it will take to forge.

The materials are mainly obtained by grinding the various Trials, and may also be purchased from other real players by spending Blue Diamonds. Level 50 and Level 60 Orange Weapons often command a relatively high price on the Auctioneers Market.