If you like collecting cards of various creatures, the Magic Card system must be a fresh and attractive place for you. Many starters disregard the Magic Card system at start period of whole game procedure but gradually find out that they should have a serious understanding of it.

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Players can open the Magic Card function by Lv25 and also obtain the first Magic Card “One eye tree Man”. With the processing of the game journey, you can also finish the first “Tree Clan” deck with the other two members to enhance your power. The quality of Magic Cards has been divided into five levels: green, blue purple, orange and red (Down to Top). The higher quality a Magic Card owns the more attributes and difficulty of access will be accompanied.

How to get more Magic Cards?Edit

There are 3 main ways to get Magic Cards in the SoC Game.

1) The Magic card can be draw directly

You can pay 1000 Diamonds to draw once or 4500 for 5 times. It needs to be mentioned that you can get at least one “Blue Quality” card from the 5 times pack.

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When you get a repeat card, the system will chance it into “Card Fragments” which can be used to upgrade a card.

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2) Join the Limit Event “False Idol” and win the “Card Pack” or get some in the "Ore Delivery Event".

There is variety of different quality Magic Cards sealed directly in the Card Pack. Once you have obtained it, just open it straightly!

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3) Use Magic Card Coupon

Different form the “Card Pack”, the “Magic Card” Coupon is used for a free chance to draw from card store. Usually the “Magic Card Coupon” is awarded by the system. Steel Jungle/Despair Canyon and the Merit store also provides chances to get these coupons.

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 Magic Card UpgradeEdit

When we need to upgrade the Magic Card, the concept of “Magic Card Fragments” needs to be understood clearly. The “Magic Card Fragments” are mainly used to upgrade Magic Card Stars. You can obtain it in variety of tasks in the game. The “Honor Store” in “Royal Arena” also provides “Magic Card Fragment Pack” which contains 5 fragments in one pack.

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Every card has 6 stars to be upgraded and we need almost 210 Magic Card Fragments to upgrade one card to 6 star.

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The point is that there are 117 cards totally in the game, but we can only obtain limited amount of fragments, it means that we should think twice before we spend fragments on those cards not rare.

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Some tips from my own experience: For Sword Master, the novice should pay more attention on those magic card decks which can improve our HP and defense abilities. For Enchantress the Magic attack and Physical defense is more useful in PVP battles. As for Sharpshooter, the decks for increasing movement speed are also a good choice. Try to collect as many Decks as you can, the system can support player to embed 4 decks at same time.

Extra Enabled DecksEdit

With updates done, you can now enabled more than one decks, unlike in the past. So far most of the common way to enable an extra deck is by using Magic Stones. These Stones are obtainable during Special Login Bonusses the Game provides. During the Event days, you will be able to get Magic Stone Fragments, which you can combine to one whole Magic Stone when you have saved up at least 100 Fragments.

For all players you already have one Deck free to enable. Next to that you can enable up to 3 extra decks with Magic Stones. At VIP6, 9, 12, 15 you get 3, 4, 5, 6 Decks activated respectively; with the amount of Decks stating the amount of Decks enabled at the said VIP Level (when you're VIP15 you can enable up to 6 extra decks). This means that the max. Enabled Decks you can get is 1+3 = 4 Decks as a free player and 1+3+6= 10 Decks, if you are VIP15

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Magic Stone Fragment

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Magic Stone