Compared with the Diamonds, the Jewels are easier to obtain in the game procedure. However, many players are not really clear about how to get this useful resource. Today, I’m goanna tell you some systemic methods to collect all the Jewels.

1. Login Reward

The easily way is open the “Rewards” and claim the “Login Rewards”. The Jewel rewards will increase day by day and on the 7th day, you can also get a secret box of Rare item,5 Slot Opening Stone and 3 Royal Invitation with 1500 Jewels.

IMG 0709

2. Daily Login

As the name suggests, you can also get the continuous login rewards. Compared with the Login Rewards, “Daily login” need you play the game every day. Once interrupted, the rewards will be counted from day 1. It needs to be mentioned that the Jewels are much more than the “Login Rewards” and you can also collect “Star Souls”, Lv.3 Gem, Resurrection, Coin and Gold with your Jewels every day.

IMG 0710

3.Level up Gifts

The SoC system has also prepared Level up Gifts on every level. In the primary periods of game procedure, the speed of level up is really fast, and you can easily obtain much Jewel.

IMG 0711

4.All battles clear with grade SS

If you have finished all the Stages in one chapter, you will be rewarded a mess of Jewels. This kind of rewards can be claimed only once.


Finally, don’t forget the subquests(Although there are less than the above ones)

Where can I use Jewel?Edit

There are 3 ways to use Jewel in the SoC world.

1.Purchasing energy. The energy can support all the activities in our game play. You can spend 200 Jewels for 60 energy and a higher Vip level can give you additional chances.

IMG 0714


Some special Dungeons can support Jewel Resurrection. If you are lacking of Resurrection Coin, don’t hesitate to use only few Jewels for saving time.

3.Guild Contribution

The strongest adventures always have plenty of good partners and the Guild is the best way to find more friends in SoC world. Of course, don’ forget to donate to your Guild for a farther development. If you are lack of Diamonds, you can use Gold and Jewel as much as you can.