Compared with traditional game, the Item Mall only sells Fashion, Gems, Resurrection Coins, Name Change Cards, and various items (in the Black Market). You can easily find the Item Mall at the top of main screen. 

  • The Fashion Hair and Suit gives you +5% HP per piece while the Fashion Weapon gives you +5% magic/physical attack (depending on class). You can find the suit effect list in “Fashion Wardrobe" and try to collect as many sets as possible.
  • The Gems are used for gear enhancement and boost your power.
  • The Resurrection Coins can help you revive instantly in battle, you can choose different coin bag to purchase (no discount).
  • The Name Change Card (as the name states) allows you to change your character's name.
  • The Black Market is a VIP exclusive tab that refreshes during certain times and sells various items such as Rune Packs, Gear Materials, and Gem Seeds. You can use Gold or Diamonds to make purchases here. Be warned though, some items in the Black Market are not worth the price.