The player needs to reach Lv15 and pay 20000 gold to launch their own Guild but they can apply to join in others’ Guild directly. Talk to the Guild Administrator straightly or use the “Guild” function find him easily. 

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You can check the Guild details and Donation for your Guild. Your donation will generate Guild Contribution and Crystal. The higher donation from your Guild members, the higher Level the Guild will reach. 

Guild contribution is used for making purchases in Guild Store.

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If you are a Guild member, you can see the other members’ details in the Members selection. There are also plenty of special Guild events. 

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For example, the Resource Battle needs the players to get resources by occupying resource site and kill guardian Bosses. The Magic Beast is designed for Guild Monster to summon. Magic Beasts can be summoned four times per day and each battle is 30 minutes long. 

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The Guild Master has all the following permissions and a few options the officers do not.The Guild Master may promote any three guild members to the Guild Officer positions. The officers permissions are covered further down. Only the Guild Master may demote or promote and expel an officer. The Guild Master also is the only one that can dissolve the guild (Would not suggest this unless there is no members in the guild and this is the final option). The Guild Master may also pass on the position of the Master to an Officer, turning him/her into the new Guild Master

The Guild Officers have nearly as much power as the Guild Master. Each officer can expel members from the guild, not including fellow officers. Officers may accept applications for new members. Setup guild events according to guild level.The officers can NOT dissolve the guild or promote anyone to an officer position.Guild officers as well as the Guild Master can change the guild message and the guild declaration. Guild message is the message members see when they log in. The message scrolls across the top of the screen for a few seconds. Guild declaration is the message applicants see when viewing available guilds.

As we mentioned in the Gear enhancement part, the Gem is mainly from the Guild Plantation.

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Guild members can choose to purchase gem seeds by spending guild contribution points. The plantation can grow up to 4 gem seeds at one time.