Sword of Chaos has a lot of different gear for all of the characters. Gear is split into different classes, with each class being more and more powerful. The order of the classes are as follows:

  • White - this is the lowest class of item and is generally weak.
  • Green - another low-class gear, relatively weak.
  • Blue - and intermediate class of gear, this gear often gives Enhancement Stones when broken.
  • Purple - a higher class of gear. This gear is quite rare to obtain and more powerful. Breaking this gear often gives Perfect Enhancement Stones.
  • Orange - High Quality Gears, require forging from scrolls.
  • Red - The most powerful of gears. Takes a lot to make but are super powerful.
Gear Enhancement
Purification& Inheritance
Orange Gear
Red Gear (Level 60)
Red Gear Sets (Level 60)
Red Gear Sets (Level 70)
PvP Gear Sets (Level 70)

The gear system is the biggest enhancement system in the SoC world. There are a variety of Gears in game for players to obtain , they not only bring fashionable style, but also great strength.

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Basic Instructions

There are both Class and level restrictions for every gear and it means that you cannot equip Sword Master’s weapon on Sharp Shooter.

There are 7 parts of Gears: Helmet, Clothes, Shoes, Finger, Talisman, Artifact and Weapon. Each one of them has its own preference of Attributes.


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There are 3 types of Attributes: Main Attribute, Random Attribute and Purification Attribute.

[Main Attribute]: including Level, Quality and Part, they are fixed and unchangeable.

[Random Attribute]: randomly generated once a gear obtained by players, it comes with all kinds of types. The higher Quality or Level the Gear owns, the better its Random Attribute.

[Purification Attribute]: does not exist in the initial state, but obtainable by Purification with growth potential. The higher Quality or Level the Gear owns, the better its Purification Attribute.