False IdolEdit

False Idol opens daily at 21:30 to 21:45, or until the boss is dead, which is often very quickly. (Approximately 2 minutes at MOST in an older server, newer servers take 10 at most) Don't be late to this event!

The rewards for completing the event are Magic Card Packs, a Love Stone and Affection Points, and possibly a Lucky Chest if you happen to deal the final blow that fells the beast.

IMG 0653

The powerful Boss needs all the players’ power from your server to beat. If you die in the event, you can spend white jewels to resurrect quickly, or wait 15 seconds until you character revives on its own.  

IMG 0654

During the event, the damage dealt by each player determines your rank in the event. Those in the top 6 of damage dealers will be listed on a panel to the left. Players can rise and fall in ranking throughout the event. Those players in the top three of the rank will receive more Magic Card Packs that are of higher quality.