Fashion Enchantment – allowing you to become your very own fashion designer! By enchanting your character’s Fashion, you can give them an awesome and unique new look to make them stand out from all the rest!

After enchanting, your character’s appearance and icons will both change accordingly. You can also return to your original Fashion by simply tapping the green button in the bottom left of the Fashion Wardrobe! (Currently, enchantment can only be used on permanent Fashion)

A more specific description of Fashion Enchantment is this:

Let's say you have the Destiny Fashion Set, which gives more stats then a traditional Fashion Set. You would rather HAVE those bonus stats, but don't really like the looks of the Destiny set. The Fashion Enchantment feature, allows you to actually BENEFIT from the stats of the Destiny fashion set, while being able to have the appearance of any OTHER fashion set that you may own.

How To Use:Edit

Assuming that you already have a full set of Student Fashion and a full set of Rabbit Fashion, and you are wearing the Student Fashions right now, and you want to alter your appearance to be wearing Rabbit Fashions without changing.

Step1: Tap "Strengthen" in the bottom right corner of the main menu, then open "Fashion" and "Enchant" to enter the interface.


Step2: At the right side of the interface, tap on your Rabbit Fashions to enchant their appearances onto your current wearing (Student Fashion).


Step3: At the left side of the interface, tap on the enchanted ones to restore your Student Fashions' appearances (if you want to).