We’ve specially designed Emblems for each character’s Skills, which once activated, will significantly increase the Skill’s power. You’ll notice the Skills’ effect changes creating awesome new results!

After opening Emblems, you can switch between different Skill effects depending on the enemies you’re facing and your preferred way of fighting to create your own set of personalized combat skills! 

The Emblem system enables you to tailor your character’s fighting style, so that you can even stand out against those of the same Class!

How To UseEdit

Step1: Tap "Strengthen" in the bottom right corner of the main menu, then open "Skills" to view Emblems.


Step2: Choose one of your skill, then use Insignia Stone to enable its Emblem.


Step3: Now you can decide which Emblem (there will be more in future updates) do you want to equip for your skill. Wearing different Emblems can change your skill's effect significantly.


PS.: Insignia Stone Fragment can be purchased in the Tauris Secret Realm Store and can be used for opening Emblems.