Movement Edit

Like many RPGs, a joystick is used to control your character's movement. It's pretty self explanatory, tilt to the left for leftward movement and so on.

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Normal attack  Edit

This is activated by tapping the biggest and right-most button on the screen. Consecutive taps can activate secondary and tertiary attacks. This doesn't cost any mana points and doesn't require cool down.

Skill Attacks Edit

In addition to the normal attack, a single character can learn up to 6 unique moves. However, only 4 can be equipped at one time; so, choose wisely, according to the situation. The skill attacks cost mana points and require cool down after use. Cool downs tend to be greater for more powerful moves. These moves can also have secondary and even tertiary attacks, which are activated by tapping in succession or holding down on the button.


After all possible attacks have been used for a single skill, it will turn grey. This is the cool down, and the move can't be used for a period of time.

All skill attacks have an alternative move which can be unlocked with insignia stones, more about this can be found here.
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Dodge Edit

Dodge consumes Stamina. The initial amount and the upper limit of Stamina are both 100. Stamina progressively regenerates itself over time. Each dodge consumes 40 Stamina; use it wisely. Dodging has a different effect each character:

Sharpshooter - Using dodge pulls you back in the opposite direction you're facing

Sword Master - Using dodge lunges you forwards, towards the direction you're facing

Enchantress - Using dodge teleports you back, in the opposite direction you're facing

Blood Hunter - Using dodge boosts you forward, towards the direction you're facing

HP potion Edit


The HP potion or health potion can recover both your health and mana by a certain percentage. By default, you get 3 of the smallest potions. The quality and quantity can be increased by increasing your VIP level. The maximum health potions possible is 10.

Unlike dodges and moves, these can be used even when you have been stunned. In the same way as skill attacks, these also require cool down.

Mini Map Edit

The mini map at the top right hand side of your screen can display a range of subjects, as listed below. It becomes helpful to track your progress through a floor, identify bosses, team mates and enemy among the monsters.

  Player   Teammate Other player   Enemy      Boss        NPC        Portal