The greatest warrior always dares to face the worst enemy. In here, all the bosses you defeated in the past will become more powerful. While the difficulty increased, they also bring more abundant rewards. 

In addition, there are a few rules:

1. You need to complete a whole chapter (clearing the all the stages) in order to challenge all the bosses of that chapter.

2. You can use HP potions during battle.

3. If you are defeated by a boss, it's health will gradually recover.

4. You will not lose a challenge if you do not defeat any bosses.

5. You can take part in Challenge the Gods twice per day.

Go to Pleiadene Temple and find God's Messenger. Tap the bubble to talk to him.

IMG 0626

Enter the interface and tap the “Challenge” button to begin.

IMG 0627

You will face 3 bosses. Defeat them to receive valuable rewards.

IMG 0630