A close-range physical, melee adventurer who employs a combo hit fighting style. Compared to the Sword Master, this wolfman has a larger AoE as well as better control skills. His attack and defense are pretty formidable too; it’s just his dexterity that lets him down a little.
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Main Damage Attributes: Fire, Poison and Thunder.

Class Stats:

Attack Defence Dexterity Area Damage Control Skills Control Difficulty
3 3 1 2 4 2


Caleb originated from the icy north, where tribes of wolves constantly fought for supremacy. Situated far away from the main fighting, Caleb's tribe felt relatively safe, until one day they were surprised by a sudden attack from a warring tribe led by the feared Sharp Tooth. Facing advanced equipment, and with the numbers stacked against them, they had no choice but to surrender. They watched helplessly as their land was taken from them. They were forced into slavery and made to fight to the death in the arena, for the pleasure of Sharp Tooth. Having survived his first five fights, Caleb grew weary of being a spectacle and decided to escape. One moonless night, he and twenty others overcame the guards, stole a cache of weapons, and fled toward the forest. Only Caleb made it to the tree line with his life intact. With no tribe to help protect him, he roamed the lands, forced to fight for whatever he could get. His reputation for showing no mercy and sheer ruthlessness earned him a name which echoed across the lands – “Blood Hunter”.


Blasting Thump (None) - [Holy, 20 MP, 6s CD] A quick attack with low MP cost and CD but also low damage output. Not always the right fit for some since many blood hunters do not focus on holy attack. 

Blasting Thump (Rush) - [Holy, Slow, 25 MP, 7s CD]  Similar skill to the regular blasting thump but instead finishes with a ranged punch that slows the enemy after being charged. 

Blasting Thump (Fissure) - [Holy, Slow, 63 MP, 11s CD] Provides quick attacks with imcreased damage output and improved range overall, especially with the slow. 

Thunder Fist (None) - [Thunder, 27 MP, 8s CD] Starts off with quick punches but follows up with a slower punch and ranged kick, providing decent damage output in total. 

Thunder Fist (Drop) - [Thunder, 27 MP, 8s CD] Attack more quickly and finishes off with close-range kicks.

Meteor Punch (None) - [Bound, 36 MP, 8s CD] Three slow punches followed by a slow ranged punch. The third punch can bind enemies but the slow attacks can leave you vulnerable to attacks. 

Meteor Punch (Wave) - [Bound, Stun, 36 MP, 8s CD] Instead of finishing with a ranged punch, finishes by firing a projectile and a delayed ranged stun. The first part of the stun can still bind, providing two stuns in total from this skill. The delay and range from the last part of the skill are unlike other blood hunter skills and may take getting used to. 

Demon Strike (None) - [Poison, 35 MP, 9s CD] Quickly rushes forward and sprays poison damage. The initial rush forward can be helpful by providing rapid movement. It helps that many people do not have high poison defense since this is the only poison skill.

Demon Strike (Wild) - [Poison, 40 MP, 9s CD] Provides an immediate rush forward, a time to run and deal damage after the initial rush frward, and high damage output while running during that part of the attack. Again, helpful to allow the player to move quickly and still deal damage. 

Electro Storm (None) - [Thunder, Paralysis, 46 MP, 10s CD] Rush forward and then attack with a stun. Similar to Demon Strike except with a slight delay before both parts of the attack. Offers quick movement and a stun. 

Electro Storm (Sweep) - [Thunder, Paralysis, 44 MP, 10s CD] Relases close range attacks with high damage output before attacking with a stun. The loss of the initial rush forward can be unappealing to some. 

Seismic Fist (None) - [Fire, Stun, 52 MP, 12s CD] Attacks the nearby area and finishes with a stun. Unfortunately, the close-range start to the skill leaves you vulnerable to attakcs before being able to use the stun. 

Seismic Fist (Travel) - [Fire, Stun, 55 MP, 12s CD] Allows movement while spinning and attacking with higher damage output, again finishing with a stun. The allowed movement helps to limit vulnerability at the beginning of the attacks.